Do you want to go your own way and be professionally successful? Do you want to plan your longterm business-development? Do you want to position yourself and organize your work? Do you want to be happy with what you do?

If you are self-employed I support you in running your business successfully and in line with your motivation, develop a vision where you want to go and describe your offer for your clients.

If you are employed I support you in changing the sector you work in by developing a clear vision where you want to go and get in contact with people in that area.

I support you to walk this path with courage and clarity.

Develop a clear vision for your work

With my coaching offer ” Develop a clear vision for your work” I support you with 5 steps to name your motivation and orientation, so that you can find personal and professional satisfaction. Additionally I support you to reduce doubts, hindering thoughts or other blockages and discover their real underlying and supportive content. Like this you can develop your vision with joy and courage.

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Develop a clear vision for your work

The 5 steps:

1. Value your talents
2. Develop or sharpen your vision, name your motivation and your values
3. Get to know your target group
4. Write your offer
5. Find your next steps

My Coaching program includes:

  • four ” Develop a clear vision for your work” Coaching sessions of 1,5 hours in 80 days
  • a recording of the session in order to capture the main insights and steps without stress
  • three homeworks between the sessions
  • 2 calls “Help, I am stuck!”
  • unlimited email access


  • one “get started” talk for a powerful start (60 minutes)
  • one retrospective talk where we look back at successes and look forward at next steps (60 minutes)

If you are interested in the coaching program, please apply to one of three monthly free “get started” sessions. Write an email to ursel.biester@gmail.com and describe your topic and motivation for the coaching.