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Some time ago a man told me in a coaching session that he wants to work in order to bring his heart project into the world. But he said he could not do that to the extend to which he wishes, because he has to earn his living with doing other work. I asked him why he does the work which he is actually doing. „In order to earn money“ he said.

That made both of us laugh out lot.

Sometimes in life, we loose sight of the reasons why we work. Why we went down the road we are walking, why we started our projects, why we became self-employed.

Or we don´t even dare to start, because we assume that this is impossible: to be successful with exactly that which makes us happy. There are fears which stop us, or hindering beliefs, or sometimes simply a lack of knowledge how to proceed.

It is my wish to support entrepreneurs with realizing their heart projects. I want that their dreams become reality. I want people to work for that which they want to bring into the world, money being a necessary and definitely important condition, not a goal.

I am coaching creative entrepreneurs who are doing their work with inspiration and conviction. I accompany them through the process of finding their vision, getting in touch with their target group, developing their offer and to reach out to the people who can benefit from it. How I do this, you can read here.

In May I offer 3 spots for coaching.

If you are interested in this, please apply until May 10th for a free get-started session. I takes place on Skype. In this session we take a look where you are right now, which is your project that wants to come into the world, and what might still be stopping you.

The conversation will give you a lot of clarity, regardless if we decide to continue working together or not.

If you are interested, please apply until the 10th May with an email where you describe your motivation for the coaching. Please send it to

I am looking forward to all entrepreneurs who want to bring their projects into life, with joy and success!


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Illustratoin by Ugne Balciunaite

In the travel space…


*Illustration by Ugne Balciunaite

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Poem (Fu)

The author of this wonderful illustration is Ugne Balciunaite, a Kaospilot student. Ugne was looking for a mentor during her process exam period, and since I have been a Kaospilot student myself, I happily offered my time and coaching skills.

At the very beginning of our collaboration, Ugne offered to return the favor by serving me with her skills, whichever ones could be useful to me. Illustration was one of them. At that point of time I did not know I would ever say yes to that offer, since I had nothing which could need illustration, and engaging in a mentorship was already satisfying just by itself.

But sure enough: when we had finished our mentoring sessions, I realized that indeed I could use some illustrations for my poems which I had not considered publishing before. Ugne was still up for the deal, and here we can see the beautiful result.

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Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 14.13.31

Event: Travel Slam on February 12th in Berlin (VHS Mitte)

Coach and author Ursel Biester took a trip around Europe in 2011 with the intention of studying the topic of “Community” to complete the stage of life “studies”. It was a departure into the unknown with the plan to have no plan. Instead, once she arrived somewhere she would wait for a recommendation of where to go next. She started in Denmark, traveled to southern Germany, northern Spain, Portugal and then again, Spain. On her journey she visited educational programs, businesses and communities and wondered: What makes community? How it is possible to remain an individual in a community?

Ursel Biester portrays her experiences at Travel Slam on 12 February in Berlin (VHS Mitte).

Interested in the event? You can find more information here.

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Retrospective 2015: tips for a lighter year!

Retrospective 2015: insights for a lighter year!

Instead of making a New Year’s Resolution List, I decided to make a quick retrospective on some reflections that came up while writing the articles for Quest-On. Hope they help you shape a lighter 2016! 

  • We are all part of something. If you’re present, then you already belong.
  • Life is poetry. We are made to love. We are made to connect.
  • We need to spend more time stimulating the parasympathetic system: to eat well and take time to digest. To shake people’s hands or pad their shoulders. Anything that is acceptable human touch. Just had a stressful situation? Then focus on your breathing, go for a walk or practice activities such as yoga or tai chi.

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also there - a story of being par

Also There – A Story Of Being Part

Have you been re-evaluating your year? Have you been questioning yourself whether you’re in the right place? Or if the ones surrounding you are the ones you want to be there? Today I share with you some thoughts on the right to belong somewhere which I heard from a wise man.

The story I would like to share with you was told to me by Antoine Beuger. Antoine is a man in his sixties who has spent much of his life living in community and as an artist. He is the initiator of the music label „Wandelweiser“. I met Antoine in 2011, just before I started on a very important journey in my life. His advice has touched me a lot and many of his stories carry a wisdom which is unconventional, but very human and speaking to many of our current societal issues.

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Life is poetry

Sometimes life is just so beautiful, it’s overwhelming.

Then I want to pour my love into each and every space that can receive it, pour it into every human being, every animal´s heart, into the inner cell structure of every plant and even into a rock (how unromantic). And then I start pouring and some things, they receive my love, while others don´t. Oh, people! People can receive and reject. But when they say yes, it´s the most amazing and enlightening experience possible on this earth.

We are made to love. We are made to connect. To explore life, serve life, emoby life, express and in that expression create life. Be life. Alive.

In love.

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