City Walk About



A City Walk About is an invitation to give space to an important personal question and find unforeseen answers.

Do you struggle with a decision? Are you looking for inspiration for the next step? Do you want to know what is really calling you? Do you want to experience your nature, even as a city person?

Traditional Walk Abouts are done by Aborigines as a rite of passage into adulthood.Mostly young men to into nature for a prolongued period of time. It´s a time where intuition may take over, where the connection to nature is renewed: both the own inner nature as well as the outer surroundings which we inhabit. Afterwards these experiences are integrated into community life.

A City Walk About takes inspiration in this tradition and adapts it for our contemporary times and life in the city.

If you want to sharpen your senses and understand the messages of your surroundings, if you want to explore an important question without getting lost in thoughts about pros and cons, if you want to experience your own connection with the city, of if you are simply curious, then come and join the City Walk About.

We will take time to arrive and step out of the daily rush, then we will go on a 90 minutes walk through the city, but this time with differnt eyes than normally. Afterwards we reconvene and share our experiences.

Where: Akademie für Visionautik, Görlitzer Strasse 65, 10997 Berlin
When: 02.06.2016
Start: 16:30
End: 19:30
Cost: 20 Euros

Please register by writing an email to or pm me on Facebook.

Ursel Biester is a Trainer, Coach and Author. She has published a book about the outer journey as a metaphor for the inner journey and our personal development, find it at
Further information:

Please bring a cell phone with flight mode!

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Embodied leadership


This is a little story about leadership, embodyment and the joy of bouldering through real-stone rocks.
It is also a story about going out into the unknown, and the forces you may meet there. It is a real story. I hope that you enjoy.

“I was sitting on a huge stone, listening to the waves. Suddenly: an impulse! Moving forward, I climbed up. The way made itself under my hand and feet, my body mooved smoothly along the stones with concentration and with gentleness, catlike.

Then: a stop. I sat still. The waves were rushing up against the shore beneath me, making their sh_sh_sh sounds. A boat with 5 old dutch people lay quietly in the bay, we waved at each other.

No thinking happened. But without any reason, it was suddenly time again to move on. I looked at the rocks in front of me. Now I did think: this would not work. This was too steep. I did not want to fall into the water. I stood up and sat my foot down. I made one step forward, thinking had not convinced me that this way was the wrong way, but indeed: my body clearly said no, this was not the way. I did not see any places to put my hand or feet. I crouched back. Back and up, around the cave, and down again on the other side.

When I came to the place in the shadow, I thought I would be further ahead already, and for the first time I noticed that eventually the sun would go down and I actually had to get somewhere before it would disappear. Fear wanted to rise up, but instead presence took over. I was here. I was safe. So I moved on, down towards the coastline. The dutch people waved at me and signaled a question: did I want them to come over with their little side-boat and rescue me? That was a really nice gesture, and no, I was fine. I would make my way up to the road.

One thing I still have to tell you: right before the coastline, there was a crack in between two big stone segments, and here I was not sure whether I was able to climb it or not. I had an idea for how to get to the other side, and again I set a foot. Yes, I felt fear, it gave me energy. My feet found their way, and it was completely different from the one I had thought I would take. In fact, eventually I found myself right after the crack, still up against the wall. I never had taken the decision to cross it: one step gave the other. Now that I was there, I managed to enjoy. Had I panicked, I might have fallen down. But instead I embraced the rock, leaned against it with feeling fingers, and found my way down.”


If I look back at it, this was a leadership challenge. A metaphor for how we navigate undiscovered territory. An embodiment of how step leads towards step, and presence is what saves us. Not knowing, but feeling; not planning, but moving forward. And taking breaks, until the impulse says: it´s time. Move on.

I´m curious. What did the story mean to you? What did it make you think of? What called your attention? If you feel like it, tell me about it: ursel.biester(at) I promise, I will write back.

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Our voice and values


Inside Outside Values


We all have an inner censor, don´t we?! We all know the „outside voice“, the one that wants us to stay safe, the one that suggests we do not follow this tiny, tiny impulse for being who we are now, this faint hint, this still uncertain promise that we can be whole with all of ourselves. We do know, deep inside, what makes us whole. We just don´t believe it.This „inside voice“ is small and fragile, especially if it has never been trained and listened to, as is often the case in a society that does not place much attention on attending to our feelings, senses, and slow inner movements. Why would we value love and beauty, if we can have fast food? Why would we spend dedicated hours on a painting, if we can fotocopy it? At best, it´s free time pleasure.

But freetime-pleasure is not satisfying. It does not nourish our soul, it does not make us fully human in the world. No matter if we are an artist, an entrepreneur, a scientist: if we are people, and we feel the desire to manifest in the world that, which makes us come alive, then it is not enough to only give this „inside-voice“ airtime as a freetime pleasure. It asks for more. It asks to become our companion day in, day out, and during nighttime. It asks to be a woven thread through our life, a committment we cannot not make, „a promise it will kill you to break“, to speak with David Whyte´s words.

Inside-values are the backbone of our feeling alive. If they do not get the airtime they deserve, we die. Slowly, sadly, inwardly, maybe with cynicism and a patronizing smile. Oh shit.

Better let them speak up, as unimpressive as they may seem. Better carve it out, this small voice, the one that speaks always now. The one that is barely hearable. The one that knows that safety comes from committment. The one that knows of meaning, love and beauty. The inside voice. Your own voice.

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Being self-employed means being yourself… In everything.


We are not self-employed because we just want to earn some money in whatever way. In that case, we would be employed. The reason why we’re self-employed is to stand at our own personal learning edge. We want to live. We want to feel the pain and the happiness. And we want to challenge ourselves. We want to do more than what we know and have always been doing, we want to grow. Of course, we don’t want to overexert ourselves, either, because crashing also isn’t what we want. But what keeps us alive usually is not those things that we already know: It is what is calling us.

That is why we are self-employed – it allows us the freedom to work exactly where we yearn to be.

Strangely enough, at the beginning of the quest, we don’t usually know where we will end up and what the product or service that we will offer may look like. But one thing we do know: It will be our own. It will be exactly at our learning edge, it will challenge us and we will learn a lot from it that we didn’t know before. It will touch us personally – and it will get us more and more and more in touch with the world around us: with the people we work with; with the issues we are influencing; with our own world view and even with our physical and mental wellbeing. With our creativity, even! Building a product is a creative act. Like setting out into the unknown: it is an adventure.

Our reasons for setting out are varied: Some wish to learn what it means to serve others, some whish to learn what it feels like to have such confidence in their own self-worth that they dare to put a monetary value on the work they do, and yet others wish to learn to give expression to this fragile thing of beauty that we call our creativity. What ever the reason may be: What calls out to us is our yearning to be alive. As Frederik Büchner put it: “The place where your deepest gladness and the world’s hunger meet, there lies your calling.”

I do not think that there is such a thing as THE one calling in our life. I believe that we are called again and again. And I also believe that it is important to listen and follow. For our own sakes, and for others.

Along some stretches of the road it will be a joy to follow that call, but sometimes the way can be rough and arduous. Sometimes it is hard to know if we are still on the road or have already gone astray. That is what a coach is there for: a Sherpa. She will help you stay focused. We will arrive in any case, but with a guide it may take three months rather than three years. And then we can follow the next calling! Maybe something completely different this time.

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Being successful with doing what we love



Some time ago a man told me in a coaching session that he wants to work in order to bring his heart project into the world. But he said he could not do that to the extend to which he wishes, because he has to earn his living with doing other work. I asked him why he does the work which he is actually doing. „In order to earn money“ he said.

That made both of us laugh out lot.

Sometimes in life, we loose sight of the reasons why we work. Why we went down the road we are walking, why we started our projects, why we became self-employed.

Or we don´t even dare to start, because we assume that this is impossible: to be successful with exactly that which makes us happy. There are fears which stop us, or hindering beliefs, or sometimes simply a lack of knowledge how to proceed.

It is my wish to support entrepreneurs with realizing their heart projects. I want that their dreams become reality. I want people to work for that which they want to bring into the world, money being a necessary and definitely important condition, not a goal.

I am coaching creative entrepreneurs who are doing their work with inspiration and conviction. I accompany them through the process of finding their vision, getting in touch with their target group, developing their offer and to reach out to the people who can benefit from it. How I do this, you can read here.

Every month I offer 3 spots for coaching.

If you are interested in this, please apply until the 20th for a free get-started session. I takes place on Skype, first come first served. In this session we take a look where you are right now, which is your project that wants to come into the world, and what might still be stopping you.

The conversation will give you a lot of clarity, regardless if we decide to continue working together or not.

If you are interested, please apply until the 20th with an email where you describe your motivation for the coaching. Please send it to

I am looking forward to all entrepreneurs who want to bring their projects into life, with joy and success!


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Illustratoin by Ugne Balciunaite

In the travel space…


*Illustration by Ugne Balciunaite

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Poem (Fu)

The author of this wonderful illustration is Ugne Balciunaite, a Kaospilot student. Ugne was looking for a mentor during her process exam period, and since I have been a Kaospilot student myself, I happily offered my time and coaching skills.

At the very beginning of our collaboration, Ugne offered to return the favor by serving me with her skills, whichever ones could be useful to me. Illustration was one of them. At that point of time I did not know I would ever say yes to that offer, since I had nothing which could need illustration, and engaging in a mentorship was already satisfying just by itself.

But sure enough: when we had finished our mentoring sessions, I realized that indeed I could use some illustrations for my poems which I had not considered publishing before. Ugne was still up for the deal, and here we can see the beautiful result.

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